Investigator Charles H. Barton

Charles H. Barton became a police officer with the Richmond, Virginia, Police Department on February 1, 1960, where he performed his duties until July, 1967. On August 1, 1967, Charlie joined the Fairfax County, Virginia, Police Department and served there until his retirement 20 years later in 1987. In June of 1987, Charlie became employed with the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office as a deputy and later a fugitive investigator.

On August 21, 1995, Charlie and Deputy Tod Thompson were on ASA Flight 529 heading to Mississippi to return a suspect back to Loudoun when nine minutes and twenty seconds into the flight, the twin-engine commuter plane experienced engine trouble and crashed in a west Georgia hayfield breaking into several pieces.  For the passengers who remained in the back of the fuselage the only way out was a hole in the plane's body, which was blocked by seats, baggage, and flames fed by jet fuel.

Charlie’s last moments were typical of his career, suffering severe burns while helping others off of the plane before leaving himself. Charlie left us on August 22, succumbing to his injuries some 14-hours later, with Deputy Thompson at his side.

Charlie was an inspiration to everyone who knew him and should always be remembered as a great law enforcement officer, investigator, and teacher.

He was also the first-elected President of the Loudoun County Deputy Sheriff's Association.


Crossing Guard Kitty Via

Kitty Via became a crossing guard with the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office in March, 1996.

On May 1, 1996, while on duty at her post, Kitty was hit by a motor vehicle at East Maple and North Fillmore avenues in Sterling. About two blocks from Sully Elementary School. 

She succumbed to her injuries on May 3, 1996, at Washington Hospital Center in the District of Columbia.